If you’re like me, summer closing is bittersweet. The feeling I get putting away our beach towels and road atlas is only made better by the promise of apple cider, wearing new boots, and opening the windows. As sun sets on summer, many of us are thinking one thing: Back to School.

With back-to-school, comes the beginning of perpetual fundraising campaigns. For certain, if you interact with any child you’ve been asked for money. Overpriced wrapping paper? Gift card to a mediocre restaurant? Coupon book filled with pizza chains? Caramel-filled chocolate bars that you binge on?

As a parent or school, asking your relatives, neighbors and friends to help support your child’s school is laborious and limiting.

That’s why we created Givella. We wanted an easy and fun way to fundraise for our favorite schools and nonprofits, that solved a lot of the waste and frustration associated with traditional school fundraising activities. And it really is easy. Enrolling is free and simple for both PTAs and parents, and an average of 5% of every dollar you spend at participating merchants will be returned to your school – effortlessly.

So this school season, we encourage you to relieve yourself of the overstocked school supply list and disappearing two-pocket paper folders and start giving to your kid’s school by shopping at the places you love. The merchants love it, the schools love it, and you saved yourself from another school t-shirt. Well, here’s hoping.