They say DSW is the largest free startup event in North America, and it was obvious. The number of attendees, experts and events were impressive, and reminiscent of earlier days of SXSW. The DSW volunteers were plentiful, friendly and hospitable, and I was always well fed throughout the event.

A few highlights from our team:

  • Opening Party at Union: Partial because we were highlighted, this very well attended event was a clear success!
  • The V9 SEO Event: in which Volume9 showcased their expertise and an insight into the secret sauce that makes them one of the top SEO firms in the country. This session provided some of the richest content all week, and heard numerous people comment that they were impressed with how much V9 revealed. Presenters were knowledgeable and charismatic.
  • There’s an I in Improv: This workshop gave great tips on presentation, perception and thinking on your feet. Great venue at Wurstkucken – auch ya!
  • Start-Up Crawl: Though some of the hosts did it better than others, the startup crawl was a lot of fun. Great to see iBotta and spend a little time with Bryan Leach – an absolute rock star in the Denver startup community. A ton of respect for what those guys are doing.
  • SchoolRunner’s Chris Frank’s how to build customers. His confidence, expertise, and potty mouth kept the whole audience on the edge of their seats. Thanks, Chris!
  • Brad Feld & Friends – never tire of hearing from these guys.
  • TechCrunch event on Thursday showcased 6 absolutely impressive startups and an all-star panel. Congrats to our fellow Galvanizer, Conspire, for the win on that.

All & all, our team was impressed by the amount of people (10,000!) and resources that went into this week-long event, demonstrating Denver Start-Up is a meaningful community of resources, experience, and fun! A sweet & special thanks to DenverBeta for spotlighting us, even as I tried to break every rule at Union station!