Does your neighborhood elementary school have a Fall Festival? A darling school fundraising celebration for students and parents to bob for apples, jump in a bouncy house, and indulge in all things pumpkin spiced? 

This morning I was able to share a coffee at a local elementary school playground with parents, students, and even Lynn the Principal. With fundraising in mind, the goal of the gathering was to sell tickets to this Friday’s Fall Festival, collect box-tops, and of course, discuss Givella.

If you haven’t hung out at a school playground and you get invited, it is a really nice way to start a Wednesday. Perhaps this world has some novelty because I am pre-kids. But, observing the easy community interaction and engagement created by setting up a table and serving free coffee during a normal school drop-off routine held a beautiful and effective simplicity worth sharing with you.

If you participate in a PTA or child’s school, executing this event is straightforward: 1) promote through the school’s communication channels 2) pick up a couple gallons of coffee from the local shop 3) arrive a half hour before school starts.
The kids provide the marketing (see right) and you can invite a couple excited parents to share about upcoming events/fundraising opportunities such as the Fall Festival or October-rama.
To engage people with Givella we can set you up you with a hand out to put on the table next to the coffee (ask:[email protected]).  All and all, takes a little over an hour and about $25 in coffee. Nice, right?