What is Givella?

Givella is the easiest way to raise money for your favorite school or non-profit. Just shop with our participating restaurants and retailers, and they’ll make a contribution to your organization. With generous contributions averaging between 5-10% of each purchase, the donations add up fast!


How do I use it?

Please see the “How it Works” section on our homepage. If you still have questions, please let us know.


What if my school or non-profit is not listed?

Send us an email to suggest a new school or non-profit! We will do our best to add them, and will contact you to let you know the status. Please note that we currently only serve Northwest Denver, but hope to expand soon. If you’d like to see Givella in your neighborhood, let us know that, too!


What if my favorite merchant is not listed?

Send us an email to suggest a new merchant! We will contact the merchant to let them know that you are interested, and will keep you up to date on the status.


What happens if I don’t have a physical receipt?

That’s OK! We like paperless receipts as well. Please email us your digital receipt at receipts (at) givella.com. You will receive a confirmation via the app as soon as we validate it (be sure you have notifications turned on).


What do I do if my receipt is not available in my donations history?

Email us to let us know. Please include in your email the merchant name and the approximate date you uploaded it.


What are the phone requirements? What if my phone is incompatible?

Givella currently runs on iOS 8.0 and above only, which means that it does not work with older iPhones and Android devices. Worry not! We intend to develop an Android version soon. If you’d like to see Givella on Android, please let us know.


I am a merchant, school or non-profit: how do I sign up?

We’d love to have you! Please email us and tell us a little bit about yourself.


Why is this so awesome?

Great question! We like it too. If you have any other feedback, good or bad, we’d love to hear it.
Question not listed here? Please email us.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email.