We were honored this week to be selected as a finalist for the Mobileys award, which seeks to spotlight and support early-stage wireless apps, services and/or products that make the world a better place. Givella was among 12 finalists from across the US out of a pool of hundreds of applicants.

We need your votes! All you have to do is click “like” on the Mobileys Facebook page. And please spread the word to friends and supporters! We could use as much help as possible as we didn’t spend as much energy on creating a fancy video as other entrants; we’re too busy working on our app!

Why vote for Givella?

A vote for Givella is a vote for supporting your community. Our app raises money for schools and nonprofits every time customers shop with one of our merchants. With average contributions between 5-10% of each purchase, the donations add up fast. It is the easiest way to fundraise for nonprofits, and for merchants, it’s a strong marketing vehicle which taps into the passion of nonprofit supporters and cuts through the clutter of standard discounts.

The Mobileys are offering some modest prize money, which we’ll use to help develop the Android version of the app, which will allow us to amplify our ability to support nonprofits across the US.

We are excited to announce that we’re a finalist in the mobilefuture.org Mobileys Awards!